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The One-Eyed Angry Pirate is when you are having sex with a woman doggy- style, and you are about to come, then you pull out and spit on her back so she. dude,i gave your sister an angry pirate, and thats why she's limping a little (don't ask why she's walking like she has a stick up her ass thats a whole different. Pirate has multiple meanings in sexual slang. Several of them emerged in the 20th century and A more recent slang usage is a fictitious sex act called "the pirate" or "the angry pirate ". Sex columnist Dan Savage fielded a question from a.

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This topic is locked, replies are no longer accepted. This is a Caribbean method. Got down and dirty with the missus last night and gave her an angry pirate, she wasn't happy! Portuguese Breakfast Crack an egg on the girls ass and use it as lube to give anal. Quote Originally posted by Sev.

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Steve Byrne angry pirate Bangkok tumbler alligator fuck house Cincinnati bowtie rattlesnake wiggle Eiffel tower Danza slap. She will hop around the room holding her eye and shin and screaming like an angry pirate. Sign Up Log In Searching, subscribing and replying topics need you to log on first. Schön, dass wir Ihnen unsere BLICK News des Tages senden dürfen. Ob du das glaubst oder nicht Bei der Geschichte mit dem Angry Pirate handelt es sich um genau so einen Bluff. Registration Werden Sie Teil der Blick-Community! When you're a man, and having sex with another man, you realize you're gay. Some of these are hilarious: But do you know about the Dirty Julian? Then you kick her in the shin. Quote Originally posted by bownah. Möchten Sie zusätzlich den BLICK Sport Newsletter erhalten? Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view. She will then chase you hopping around on one leg, seeing out of one eye, like iron sky free download One-eyed Angry Pirate. When boning a girl and almost about to bust a knut, you spit on her back so she thinks you have busted on her back, she then turns around at which point you cream in her eye and she closes it unable to see. Kennze "arabische Brille "? A blowjob, shit sounds funny. Then eat the egg after optional. She will then grab her eye, at which point you kick her in the shin. She will then chase you hopping around on one leg, seeing out of one eye, like a One-eyed Angry Pirate. First Previous Page of 2 Next Last. The Angry Pirate unknown. When a chick is giving you head and you pull out and blow it in her face , then you hit her in the knee and she is jumping around covering one eye. The Seagull Sex on the beach, pull out and dip your penis in sand and stick it back in her vagina, the girl will proceed to let out a yelp like a seagull. DE leider keinen Einfluss. Hot Carl after sex. Quote Originally posted by helgen. what is an angry pirate